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Something Something Films

  This is the creative home for filmmakers Erick Kaslov and Larry Sands.  From independent films and shorts to producing and hosting the Something Something Podcast you can stay informed with all things creative.




The Something Something Podcast is a creative podcast hosted by filmmakers Larry Sands (@larrysands2) and Erick Kaslov(@whoiserickkaslov). They interview the best independent artist from all forms of the creative world; actors, directors, screenwriters, authors, musicians and more.

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Do You Believe In The Unknown? Something About The Unknown is a new podcast searching for things that are unknown.

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Something ABOUT THE


Something Something





The Not Your Average Christian Podcast g

This is NOT an average Christian Podcast. Hosted by Pastor Joe Smaha, of the Faith Reformed Church & La Iglesia Comunidad De Fe Y Esperanza of Lodi NJ, and  joined by Filmmakers Erick Kaslov & Larry Sands. 

They discuss the issues that today’s Christians face, issues ranging from Christians in recovery, how can we have a positive impact in this world for Jesus, to how do we stand for truth in a society that believes that truth is relative and evolves as time goes on. Our prayer is to give Hope to those who seek it and Truth to those who need it! This is more than a podcast, it’s a Ministry.


Resources and Weekly Sermons from host Pastor Joe from his home church, Faith Reformed Church La Iglesia Comunidad De Fe Y Esperanza of Lodi, New Jersey.

Amazon Prime

Watch the feature film "Adjusting Honor" and the short film "Her Name Was Samantha" now streaming free on Amazon Prime, with your Amazon Prime account.

"Adjusting Honor" Official Trailer

Adjusting Honor

What Happens When An Army War Vet Returns Home To Find The Life He Knew Before Leaving To Serve His Country Has Changed? When Matt Stein returns home from serving his country he hopes to return to the life he knew before going to fulfill his duty to America. Adjusting Honor is a story about a soldier coming back from war dealing with PTSD.

watch now

Her Name Was Samantha

on Amazon Prime

A young girl returns from the grave to get revenge on the man who killed her

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