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Erick Kaslov is an independent filmmaker,  who lives in NJ. His passion is for horror movies.  “The main goal in life is to help people forget about their problems. By watching my movies or listening to my podcasts.”


Larry Sands is an independent filmmaker, producer and avid soccer fan. “I love the platform we have in the podcast. Being independent artists ourselves, we know how difficult it is find PR outlets to get your projects out to the public.  To be able to provide an outlet like the Something Something Podcast is invaluable & amazing.”



About the Something Something Podcast:
Artists who are looking to get their story and projects to a wider audience love what the Something Something Podcast is all about. The hosts use witty banter and a genuine curiosity in learning more and talking to their guest in a fresh, entertaining and natural way.  This is the central sentiment from the guests of the podcast have said time and time again.

What They Are Saying About The Something Something Podcast:

Misti Rains - Author “Misti Moments” -


It was such a privilege to sit down for a candid conversation with Erick Kaslov and Larry Sands on the Something Something Podcast. I absolutely loved every moment of the meaningful conversation I had with these guys! What a blessing to be included as a guest on their show!  


Keith Lea - Director/Writer - Golden State Studios, LLC - 


They use their platform so artists have a place use their voice to be heard about their art and talent.  A place for unheard artists and many others who may other wise never have been heard.  The Something Something Podcast has positioned it self as the best podcast for creative artists to stay in front of their audience and let them get their message out to the public.   We do all in-house creative work for the podcast; graphic design, sponsorship recordings, social media management and artist bookings.There are certainly no shortage of creatives that are continually in search of that great interview.  Lucky, they have found it, in the Something Something Podcast.

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